Letter From PTA President

Dear Sleepy Hollow families,

Welcome back to school.   To our new families, hello and welcome to our wonderful school.  I look forward to meeting you and getting to know those of you I haven’t met.  Our students are so fortunate to be enrolled in a school with an outstanding administration and exceptional teachers, who strive to fulfill the schools mission of promoting health, wellbeing and educational success.  It is through your support of the PTA that we join in that mission.  Please consider joining the PTA as an individual or family!

Every year I hear a few parents say they don’t feel connected to the school or know what’s going on.  With busy schedules all around, I understand it’s not easy to keep on top of all the activities.  The PTA Board will be doing our best to communicate school activities more regularly and concisely.  We are planning regular emails and Facebook posts, with short reminders of what’s happening in the school.  You can receive electronic delivery of Wednesday folder information or get them online anytime.  And the monthly newsletter will now have a monthly calendar for easy reference.  Still the best way to know what’s really happening in the school, is to come in and see for yourself. 

Our back to school picnic is scheduled for Saturday September 6 from 12-2pm and will kick off the school year of fun.  It’s a great way to introduce yourself to the administration, meet new families in your children’s classes and find out more about the PTA.  We will have a PTA table set up and hopefully can answer any of your questions.   And you can check out the new playground installed last spring, if you haven’t already.   Over 30,000 of your PTA dollars from the past few years, went into matching funds from the county, to expand this playground.  The kids love it.  We hope to see all of you there.

Back by popular demand is our Dolphin Fun Zone, with a great line-up of after school enrichment classes.   Included is a list of our fall classes, and you can access the full year of options on the PTA website. Click the Dolphin fun Zone tab at the top at www.SHESPTA.org.  Registration will begin online on September 11.

This year PTA meetings will be held the second Wednesday of the month at about 7pm.  We hope to see more of your faces at our meetings and so have planned to combine evening school events, speakers and school activities in conjunction with our meetings.  A few meetings will also be held at the Willston Center to make it easier on families in that part of our community.  Our first meeting will be held on October 8 and will feature the new Assistant Superintendent of our Region, Dr. Zuluaga, who will talk about improvements and changes to our pyramid and will be able to answer your questions.

Last year the PTA consolidated all forms that required your information, into one easy document.  We are using it again this year.  Please fill out and send back the attached PTA Membership Form.  And you can visit our website www.SHESPTA.org if you want further information on any of the forms in this packet or check out the FAQ’s to learn the little things that make a big difference.

I am very excited to be involved in the PTA this year.  It’s my first experience and I know I have a lot to learn but I am excited.  When I took on this position in the spring, my son asked me why I choose to be the PTA President.  I gave him a quick answer about the needs of the school and my availability, but it did make me think, why am I doing this?  Recently I came across an article in the Huffington Post that brought me back to this thinking.  It read “volunteering is associated with lower depression, increased well-being, and a 22 percent reduction in the risk of dying”.  Now I know it’s not that simple, and more goes into it, but just maybe it will help me in the long run.  So I challenge you all, to do something good for yourself too.  Take the volunteer challenge to help your children’s school and yourself.  Just 1-2 hours of your time per month, it can and does make a difference.


Aubrey Hess    

703-244-7114              president@shespta.org